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At Foxy Roxy's our passion is for animals.  


We are a small family business which began when we saw a need for mobile grooming in the Central Valley.  Our Newfoundland Roxy was our inspiration.  She needs regular grooming to control her long coat.  She is a very sweet girl but isn't a big fan of other dogs.  For years we took her to the local salon where we had to leave her for the day and make sure they knew to keep her away from other animals.  We knew this meant she would spend the day locked in a cage and could tell by her unwillingness to even enter the salon that she wasn't happy about being there. Mobile grooming is such a great answer to getting all of the benefits of regular grooming without the anxiety traditional salons put our pets through and we are proud to provide this service in an area where it has been lacking.


We created our business with the goal of giving all pets the best care possible in a safe, stress free environment. Because we bring our salon right to your door, we make the grooming process super convenient for you, while also making the process much easier on your pet.  Our newly remodeled mobile salons have everything needed to give your dog a spa-like experience with all natural products and special love and pampering.  Our dedicated staff is well trained in treating your pet with incredibly special, one-on-one care and attention, as well as grooming them with a high level of skill to make sure we give them back to you looking and feeling fabulous! 



We look forward to working with you and your wonderful pets!

                                                   Jonathan & Jill

our mission.

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