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our mission.

Our mission is to give all pets the best care possible in a safe, stress free environment. Because we bring our salon right to your door, we make the grooming process extremely convenient for you, while also making the process much easier on your pet.  Our newly remodeled mobile salons have everything needed to give your dog a spa-like experience with all natural products and special love and pampering.  Our dedicated staff is well trained in treating your pet with incredibly special, one-on-one care and attention, as well as grooming them with a high level of skill to make sure we give them back to you looking and feeling fabulous!

our approach.

We believe that the grooming process is very important for the health of all pets. We also believe that it is possible to provide a positive grooming experience by working with patience and gentleness.  Understanding that the process can cause anxiety for some, we do everything possible to elimiate any stress by keeping the enviroment calm, never using cages and working with your pet's special needs to ensure they leave feeling both fabulous and relaxed!  All of our staff have chosen this career because they truly love animals and they especially enjoy being able to work one on one with your pets and give them back to you healthy AND happy!

our environment.

Our mobile grooming salon is equipped with everything we need to give your pet a complete grooming service while feeling safe and pampered.  Our vans are completely self sufficient with climate control and heated baths. We also are stocked with all  natural products that will make your pet feel fantastic.  Because of the size of our salons, your pet will have plenty of room to walk around, check things out and become comfortable with the salon and will enjoy the calm of one on one attention. After each appointment the salon is fully cleaned and sanitized and prepared for the next pet.  

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